"Cammino lungo la riva della coscienza, dove le onde si muovono in un flusso e riflusso continuo. Quando arrivano, lasciano dietro di sé delle scritte che subito l’ondata successiva cancella. Cerco di leggerle in fretta, nel breve intervallo fra un’onda e l’altra. Ma non è facile. Prima che faccia in tempo a leggere, arriva una nuova onda a cancellare tutto. Nella coscienza rimangono solo indecifrabili frammenti di parole"

Murakami Haruki


I'm from Sicily,

always travelling.

I'm interested about photography and plants biology.... and about so many other things.

I do photography just in order to create some magic moment for me and for the other people.... or maybe because I'm not so good to write... and perhaps I should spend too much time to tell.

I love the plant kingdom because it will teach us many things no teacher can tell.

Anyhow... my works travelled around in Italy, France, Barcelona and Berlin.

Some of my reportage works were published on the on-line magazine “Witness Journal” and on the website of the FotoUp agency. Other photographic works were published on several magazines like “Potpourri”, “POSI+TIVE Magazine”, "Fotocult", "EV Magazine", "Senzarespiro Magazine", Shots Magazine, and also on some national newspaper like "Il Giornale" and "La Stampa".

In the 2009, with other two photographers, I participated in the publication of a photographic book commissioned by the City Council of a small town close to Pavia.

In the 2007 one of his photos was chosen to illustrate the book cover of a romanian writer Mihai Mircea Butcovan (“Allunaggio di un immigrato innamorato”, Besa).

Some of his pictures can be found at the gallery Spaziofarini6, in Milan.


mail: enrico.doria@hotmail.com

....But I never lose sight of the emptiness of this....

Gli uomini si dividono in due categorie: quelli che si mettono comodi. E appassiscono. E gli altri. Io faccio parte degli altri

(P. Sorrentino)